About us

Law is a human discipline. It regulates and coerces, but it also creates and inspires. It is rooted in history and institutions, but also provides ways of imagining future possibilities. The humanities contribute to our understanding of law past, present and future by providing resources in literature, language, philosophy, history, and the arts with which we can better grasp its social development, and the purpose and meaning of living in law-governed communities.

Conversely law itself is a resource rich in the material of human life. From solving family disputes to holding governments to account, social relations are presented and represented through law. And legal practice is increasingly prominent in the domains of arts and humanities themselves, from copyright and art markets to the regulation of technological innovations and the policing of new borders of free speech and cultural expression.

If law and humanities studies direct us to core questions about humanity and the humane then they also have a long-standing engagement with the inhumane. Suffering and injustice register across the domains of law, language and the arts in ways that each can learn from the others. And increasing too are its engagements with the non-human, with the environment, with artefacts, and with changing perceptions of animality.

The relation between law and humanities is an inextricable one, and together their study is mutually rewarding. At the University of Hong Kong, Law and Humanities scholars and students carry out research, teaching and learning in ways that reflect the centrality of this relation to all our lives.

The work being done at the University of Hong Kong spans local, national and international interests and concerns in areas as diverse as literature and language, linguistics and translation, film and visual media, text and culture, and philosophical and comparative analysis. It is carried out using a range of interdisciplinary methods producing original research, and through collaboration with scholars internationally and in the wider community.

This website invites you to view and share in the University’s commitment to Law and Humanities scholarship.